Statutes of AMG Owners Club e. V.

§ 1 | Name, seat

The club is named "AMG Owners Club eV". The legal site is in Dusseldorf and the club is registered in the register of associations.

§ 2 | Purpose and goals of the association

The AMG Owners Club e. V. is a community of Mercedes-AMG drivers.

Purposes of the association are:

  • Exchange of knowledge and experience about vehicles, accessories and manufactory offers of Mercedes-AMG GmbH
  • technical assistance to members with questions about their vehicles
  • shared pleasure in the AMG brand and its products

The purpose of the statutes is achieved in particular by the following measures:

  • Communication between the Management Board and Mercedes-AMG GmbH
  • Cooperation with Mercedes-Benz Club Management
  • joint events with the Mercedes-AMG GmbH
  • Advice to the club members in driving safety and technology
  • Carrying out organized driving safety training
  • Organization of driving tours and other events
  • various regional round tables

Goals of the association are:

  • optimized support of the members in their special needs and questions about their AMG vehicles
  • Promoting the manufacturer's communication to the customer; Information channel for requests and suggestions to the Mercedes-AMG GmbH
  • Promotion of the positive image of the AMG brand
  • Promotion of the positive image of the drivers of AMG vehicles

The association is selflessly active in the context of its purposes and goals; it does not pursue primarily self-economic purposes. Funds of the association may only be used for statutory purposes. The members do not receive profit shares and in their capacity as members they do also not receive other donations from the means of the association. No person may be favored by expenses that are foreign to the purpose of the association or by disproportionately high remuneration. All persons with official functions of club are volunteers.

§ 3 | Membership

A member of the association may be any adult, natural person and any legal person of private or public law who owns a Mercedes AMG vehicle. Membership must be requested in writing from the board. The board decides on the application. Admission or rejection must be justified to the applicant.

In addition, the club has technical members. Technical members are appointed by the board with the consent of the appointed technical member and advise the association on technical matters. These must be particularly experienced technicians who do not have to own a Mercedes AMG vehicle.

Furthermore, the association has honorary members, who are also appointed by the board. Honorary members are natural persons who have made a special contribution to the purpose of the association without having to own a Mercedes AMG vehicle.

The appointment of technical members and honorary members requires the approval of all board members.

§ 4 | Termination of membership

Membership ends with:

  • death
  • exit
  • exclusion

Resignation shall be by written declaration, which shall be addressed to the Board. Resignation is permitted at the end of the calendar year with a notice period of one month.

§ 5 | Exclusion

By decision of the board with a majority of two thirds of all acting board members a member can be excluded from the association, if it has seriously violated the interests or goals of the association or the member no longer fulfills the requirements of the statutes. An exclusion justification exists in particular if a member is no longer owner of a Mercedes AMG vehicle.

§ 6 | Membership fees

Each member has to pay an annual membership fee. The amount of the membership fee is determined by the general meeting.

Technical members and honorary members are exempted from the obligation to contribute.

§ 7 | Organs of the association

Organs of the association are:

  • the board
  • the general meeting

§ 8 | Board

According to § 26 BGB, the board consists of the chairman, the deputy chairman, the treasurer and two assessors.

The association is represented in court and out of court by two board members each. The members of the board must be club members or legal representatives of club members, as long as legal entities are club members.

The board members are also elected by the general assembly for a term of two years. However, they remain in function after the end of their term of office until a new board has been elected.

§ 9 | Advisory Council

The board will be assisted by an advisory board. The Advisory Board consists of at least three persons. The advisory board is not authorized to represent the association. The task of the advisory board is besides the advice of the board, the supervision of the geograpical regions. In particular, the tasks of the Advisory Board include:

  • Planning regional events
  • Moderation of the internet forums
  • Responsibility for the regional aspects
  • Support of members in the individual regions in technical matters

The members of the advisory board must be club members or legal representatives of club members, as long as legal entities are members of the association and are elected by the general assembly for a term of two years. However, they remain in office after the end of their term of office until a new advisory council has been elected.

§ 10 | General Assembly

The ordinary general meeting takes place once a year.

An extraordinary general meeting is to be called if the board deems it necessary or if 1/3 of the members request so in writing, stating the reasons to the board.

The general meeting must be convened in writing by a member of the Executive Board, subject to a notice period of two weeks and stating the agenda. Each duly convened General Assembly has a quorum regardless of the number of members present.

The general meeting is chaired by the chairman, if he is not present by another member of the executive committee. If no board member is present, the general assembly elects a chairperson from among its members. The head of the general assembly determines the secretary.

In the general meeting each member has one vote. Non-existent members may transfer their voting rights by written authorization to another member. Unless otherwise specified, the simple majority of the votes cast shall be decided by ballot.

Amendments to the articles of association or the resolution on the dissolution of the association require a majority of 3/4 of the votes cast. A written protocol must be produced on the members' meeting and the decisions taken in it, which must be signed by the chairman of the meeting and the secretary.

§ 11 | External Rules of Procedure for the Management Board

In addition to the statutes, the association has external rules of procedure for the executive board with guidelines for regular work and delimitation of the areas of responsibility. The Rules of Procedure shall be enforced or amended by the General Assembly by a simple majority.

The changes to the articles of association (in bold) were decided on 29.01.2017.

The management of the club

DISCLAIMER: Under any and all circumstances, the original german text of the statutes (Satzung des Vereins) is leading and only legally binding