About the Club

Am On May 17, 2001, seven AMG enthusiasts in southwestern Germany launched the AMG Owners Club e. V. The club is private and independent, but still the worldwide only officially recognized brand club recognized by Mercedes-AMG GmbH. A growing community of approx. 300 members (mostly from Germany and Switzerland) build this exclusive association of AMG enthousiasts and share a variety of events and regional meetings such as driving tours, round tables, technical meetings for targeted maintenance- or knowledge transfer, driving safety trainings, racetracks, all this combined with culinary events and the deepening of friendships..

What distinguishes membership in the AMG Owners Club?

An elitist habit is far from us. The joy of AMG driving should be classless! Of particular importance to us is the support of club-friends for technical, legal and general questions about AMG, but also for many other topics that touch our members. In addition to stimulating discussions in the club-internal forum, there are also the meetings, driving-tours, events, visits to high-tech companies related to the car industry, etc., organized especially for the club members, or the very convivial regional round tables. The club life has already led to close friendships beyond club and state borders. The club management is supported in its unpaid work for the club by a dedicated team of members who organizes club events and exclusive information events at and with AMG. We also thank all partners who invest a lot of time, work and commitment in events for the club.

Help and service!

In addition to the feeling of being in good hands in the club community, you want to know that your AMG-vehicle ist in particulary competent hands for the necessary service stays and any optimizations. The club knows club partners and specialists for all areas around your AMG.

How can I become a member?

The entry into the AMG Owners Club e. V. is best done through our public forum section. At this level, general information and news about the product AMG are constantly available, but you can also count on in depth answer to individual questions concerning the operation of an AMG. The organization of meetings and events takes place in the internal forum at the member level, where you find additional and more exclusive information. Each year, members receive a beautifully illustrated annual calendar and twice a year a high-quality club magazine.

Die Membership in the AMG Owners Club e. V. is associated with an annual fee of € 150.00 for full members and € 100.00 for partner members. When the membership starts after july 1st, the annual fee for this year is reduced by 50%. The following requirements must be met:

  • Possession of a valid driving license
  • Owner of a vehicle delivered by Daimler AG as AMG
  • Bindingly accept the statutes and rules of the Club
  • Identification with the goals and tasks of the club and the Mercedes-AMG company

The membership application can be found in the download area which is accessible as a registered user. For further information please contact the member support.